Vegan Vegan Vegan!

did someone say just say VEGAN?

Vegan Vegan Vegan!

Anytime the word VEGAN is mentioned anywhere on the world wide web, it’s going to be linked here.  My mission: To be the starting point for All Things Vegan online.

If you want to know where Vegans buy shoes, look here!  If you want to know what Chelsea Clinton ate at her wedding, look here!  If you want to read an anti-Vegan article, look here!  If you want vegan recipes, look here!  If you want to watch a cooking video, look here!  If you are interested in animal rights or health issues, look here.  It’s all here, and it’s organized.

How this site works: Every day, whenever the word VEGAN hits the internet, I create a post that links you to the site where the word “VEGAN” occurs.   I then take the “MEAT” (ha!) of the posting and categorize it for you, so if you want, you can just browse the blogroll to categories you find interesting.  Or, just use the search tool to find keywords in post titles.  However you like to search.

Please leave comments about the links: feelings, opinions, satire, anger, suggestions. Please also let me know if anything is broken or removed.

And! If you’re a vegan, a normal vegan (not a celebrity!), you can  link your facebook, blog, myspace, website, etc to my “I’m a Vegan, Too!” category. Contact me. Just do it.


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